~Dream Journal~ 7/21/13

22 Jul

I somehow got transported to some other place far away from my house. I broke into someone’s house to use their  phone, they had a pool. Then I used the phone and tried to call some won to ask how I got to a different state without knowing. Then this sheriff guy came and started following me, probably to arrest me haha. I think it was in Texas because no state in New Jersey has sheriffs they have police. And then that was he end of that scene. The other scene  there was this huge landscape and a huge mansion. There was a program ( a gathering ISKCON ) and I wanted to sing but there was no time. So afterwards I went to this really huge place, I think it was a huge building with like dozens of gyms. I went in one of the doors and I see a whole bunch of people dressed up in Batman costumed and they were scaring me by saying if I didn’t go out of the gym they would think I’m a villain or something. It was just a really awkward dream. 

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