~Dream Journal~ 6/11/13

11 Jun

I dreamt, I dyed my hair bright blue.  I has this power to fly, and I was flying over this building that looked like a castle.  So I had the power to fly, and then I was in my backyard. (and you know how scared I am of spiders) Well apparently, I was putting my hand into a bush that was filled with spiders.. spiders gave me more power to fly.  Then I was roaming the castle-house. And I can’t remember anything else, but I remember I was talking to this person who was a knight, and I snatched ice cream from a nearby shop.

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One response to “~Dream Journal~ 6/11/13

  1. Bella Dewis

    June 21, 2013 at 5:11 pm

    hahahah… you should live in a belong in England .. you know sometimes dreams can be very stange


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