NJASK is done and Alergy Season is here and I’m caught up with it.

02 May

Well I’m so glad that NJASK is over…but there are cons to that as well. Because allergy season is now here and I have the allergies. Well the allergies come every year around this Spring time.  Just with the symptoms of itchy eye and maybe the runny nose and a small cough. I have a very positive feeling that I did good in the NJ ASk because I put a lot of effort into it and stuff. Well, I said goodbye to it until next year…. OMG next year will be 8th grade! well technically this year because 8th grade starts in the September.  8th grade is that last year of middle school  then I’m going into high school. *_*    #Right Now I Want AN Ice Cold Smoothie any kind actually.

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