Back From Guyana, South America!

04 Apr

I’m back from Guyana, South America. And it was….hmmm I can’t quite find a word to descibe it. I have amny many misquito bites and they are now turning black, and its scary. Besides that it was so WARM AND HOT there. As soon as I stepped out oof the plane I was saying, “Oh God. Its so hot! Its so Hot! Its too hot!” Well eventually I got used to it.  It was really interesting going somewhere out of America, because I’ve never been out of America until I went there.  I met my family that I never saw before. (My uncle Guaraga, Aunt Seema, and my cousins Geetanjali, Meera, and Krishan) It was really fun, and on Pagwa day (look up Pagwa if you don’t know what it is) we played with water in the morning. So basically the whole morning  we were dumping buckets of water on everyone and we were using water guns too! Then later in the day we played Pagwa with colored power called Abrack (Holi color) . It was really fun!!!!!!!!! fUN FUN FUN!.  During my whole stay I leanred alot and I went to many places to visit around Guyana.  We went to the beach too. There are so many things that happened but I don’t have the time to write it all out. School has been getting in the way of everything leaving me barely anytime to do any spare thing. Thats why I’m glad that I took pictures so they can remeber me where I went and what I did. On the airplane they showd 2 movies: Skyfall (A James Bond movie) and Rise of the Guardians (a movie that everyone knows and loves) It was really awesome the movies! The view from the plane was like a fantasy because I’m used to being on earth not above. I’m going to write more…….

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