~Dream Journal~ 3/18/13

19 Mar

My dream: Not very clear. But there was this person who I normally would…you know…a person at school is 12 and one is 11 and you know what I mean. So there was this lake a tiny canal of water and me and the 11 year old was kinda water-skiing on these small square things. It was really fun! So then I asked the person, ” So do you still hate me?”. And then the person replied smirking, “Of course I do”, in a really joking voice. So that was the first part, and all I could remember, I wish I could remember. Then PART 2: the 12 year old is a person who looks like Josh Hutcherson in my school. So things are really awkward because things happened, understand what I mean? So i saw flashes of purple, and a list of sports that he wanted to play. I kept trying to act like a friend but it didn’t quite work out… there was whole bunch of things that happened and I can’t remember and now I’m frustrated!

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