~Dream Journal~ 3/15/13 #1

15 Mar

My dream: There was this small two-story wooden boat. And I was on it. The water was pitch black and swirling, deep water threatening to drown you at any moment. The dream was hard to understand because I was on a barren island once too.  Then somewon was with me and wanted to sail across the ocean to onther island. But when the sailed to boat out about 50 feet into the scary, turbulent, ocean it started to leak. I had to jump out because it was sinking. And I can barely swim anyway. The dream was VERY VERY VERY bright, vivid and clear. I felt like it actually happened. My phobia is deep dark water.(and spiders) I LOVE pool water, the clear water but I’m absolutly scared of deep dark ocean water. So that was my dream..well all I can remember atleast.  

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