Assignment for School (Explanatory)

16 Jan

“Can I have some cookies” I yelled not knowing who heard me then I shuddered like a leaf in the wind when, my scream echoed across the wide living room. I had asked my cousin for some cookies a long while ago and she never brought them. Rolling my eyes I slouched back into the warm sofa and grabbed a nearby book to read for some time. It was really heavy, of course a Harry Potter book. I would read those anywhere, anytime again and again. My cousins’ house was annoyingly massive, almost like a mansion or oversized house. We were staying there last year for Christmas week. There the first couple times you’re seriously bound to get lost. In all those halls and corridors probably, I mean that’s what happens to me all the time. Alisa is fifteen years and old and Brianna is a little annoying, bratty, but deadly cute six year old. Just turn your back on her for a couple seconds and the whole house is in ruins. Now back to my desire for some delicious cookies, maple crème to be precise. I had read that book for five hours and in every hour I asked “kindly” for cookies but NOWON ever gave them to me! I’m sure I screamed loud enough because my thought was feeling like it was rubbed against sandpaper. Where were they anyway? They had left me in peace to read a while ago and went SOMEWHERE. I was clearly in no mood to go looking for them. Just I was about to let out another scream but then hesitated as a loud noise came rumbling from somewhere. Although my second instincts told me I wasn’t going to like this at all.

“RRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr”, and then I saw it. Briana on roller-skates, her eyes looked maliciously at me. The wheels left a clear line of muck and dirt on the clear wood floor, staining it drastically; to my very much surprise she started to talk in an Irish accent. “Ello there! What ‘ar yeh doing? I S’pose yeh’re jus’eating something, yer looking quite terrible t’day, I S’pose for yeh to go to some beach……”she was doing it again, always talking in weird accents. Last time it was an old mad Bulgarian accent that sounded really strained. When she saw me not laughing she just shrugged and said still in that accent, “Alright, I’ll jus’ be outside havin’ some fun in the snow yeh know….bye now”. Then she bounced off and left staring at her annoyed. The smell of warm cinnamon and apple wafted out in to the air, I could almost picture swirls dancing around each other. For the first time I started to take in my surroundings. The room stretched out a long way and had the largest TV I ever saw along with many collectible things. It was almost like one of those rooms in a castle, that just stood out and that you could just wonder about. My humongous desire for cookies vanished like a shy bird that would dart tree to tree to hide. I couldn’t have those cookies so fine, I would just read. I was immersed in my book and mumbled, “Okay Hogwarts…oh yay I love this part”!, and the world just seemed to just vanish.

Suddenly, “DING-DONG….DING-DONG….DING-DONG….DING-DONG”, it yanked be back into reality from my reading world. Seriously who would be ringing the doorbell in the middle of my reading?! With great difficulty I heaved myself out of the sofa and the whole time I was getting slightly mad. I made my way down the hall and started to go down the staircase. My foot lost its footing and without knowing what was happening I tumbled down the horribly long stairs gasping for breath. Coming to an adrupt stop I landed at the bottom groaning. I swore. When I finally managed to open that giant dark brown door a huge blast of cold air slapped me in the face like daggers piercing feathers. No won was at the door, so causiously I stepped out and looked around. The next thing I knew a water balloon was flying at me at full speed, and there was nothing I could do because I froze literally. “SPLASHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”! With gritted teeth I turned around to see Brianna on the ground laughing and kicking like some maniac. “Hahahahahahahahahahahahehehehehehehehehehhohohohoooooooooooooohahahahahahahhooooooooooo”, she was howling with laughter now. I was so mad at her right now, all that anger was boiling up all and day and now it finally overflowed. “BRIANNA”! I screamed at the top of my voice. I started to call her really bad words for a long while because apparently all the neighbors were peeping out of their windows. My clothes were dripping wet and I was shivering very uncontrollably , it was so cold outside, just imagine it just in the dead of winter I was standing outside dripping wet and seething at my cousin.

After a long while of screaming at her I went inside and changed into some warm clothes. The temperatures of inside and outside were like the seasons, they changed so differently. I was hopping like a rabbit trying to pull on some warm and comfy purple socks in the living room. Time passed like the wind, and those days passed so quick it was hardly imaginable. During those days we went to the Arcade, Bumper Cars, and the Mall. And of course Bri was being an annoying pest the whole time. Then came the last day of our stay. Those days were filled with endless fun, pranks, and of course laughs! My parents started to heave in all the suitcaces into the van, motioning for me to hurry up. Brinna came stomping on the pavement wining loudly, “I don’t want you to goooooooooooooo it was sooooooo much fuuuuunnnnn”! Her voice sounded like a irritible loud hyena and went down the street, even the birds ditched their perches in the branches of trees. Alisa suddenly yelled, “You all right? No you’re not, course you’re not, but you will be….oh who am I kidding you could have gotten some terribibly bad sickness”!. Brianna mouthed soundlessly like a goldfish out of water, then sputtered looking thunderstruck. Suprisingly she started to giggle uncontrolably. Alisa had on a black and expressionless look just like the windows of a deserted house. ……………………TO BE CONTINUED………..

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